We deliver exceptional relocation services for organisations moving key executives into Birmingham.

Birmingham Relocation Services is a full-service relocation management company.  Our services are tailored around each of the employees we work with, ensuring they receive a service bespoke to them.

All corporate relocations are different, and at Birmingham Relocation Services we fully understand that the individual, and their family are at the heart of each move. Our team have created a comprehensive range of services covering all aspects of a relocation, ensuring we can offer employees the level of support they need during each relocation. 

Ensuring your employees are well supported during their relocation means they can keep focus on the more important aspects of relocating, bedding themselves in their new role without worrying about the difficulties and differences in moving to a new location.

Our team of experienced relocation experts are ideally placed to help your employees at each stage of their move, with in-house expertise to support throughout the whole process. Your employee will be paired with one of our experienced consultants who will oversee the whole process.

We will also work with you to produce an individual service level agreement, so that you’ll know exactly where you are with us. We will monitor our performance throughout the project, to ensure we are meeting your targets and you’re ultimately happy with the service.

Our Comprehensive Support

  • Home Finding
  • School Search
  • Area Orientation
  • Destination Support
  • Settling-in Services
  • Consult & Research