Our friendly relocation specialists advise on Birmingham neighbourhoods, and select the best properties according to your specific criteria and budget.

When moving overseas, it’s important to feel prepared, organised and reassured. One may not have the time to coordinate the big move and tackle the relocation process to another country. Without the assistance of a relocation specialist, it means working around the time-zone difference, doing extensive research, consulting countless different resources and institutions, trying to navigate a bunch of red tape, overcoming bureaucratic hurdles and questioning every decision. There’s an easier solution though, and that’s working with us.

With our local knowledge and expertise covering Birmingham and surrounding areas, exploring the entire property market to find the perfect home for your lifestyle and budget. We screen and shortlist property selections and provide you with objective advice regarding the local market and to ensure a competitive rental agreement.

We will be working with you throughout the entire relocation process, until we are sure you have moved in successfully into your new home!